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Chanakya, customarily referred to as Kautilya, was an 4th century B.C. Indian statesman, teacher, philosopher and economist. He served as a chief adviser of Emperor Chandragupta, who was the first ruler of the Mauryan empire. Chanakya’s popularity is owed to the significant role that he played in the defeat of the Magadha kingdom, and consequently, the ascent to power of the Mauryan dynasty. The two especially relevant books to associated to him are the Arthashastra and the Chanakya Niti. The Chanakya Niti is a compilation of aphorisms selected by Chanakya from different shastras while the Arthashastra is a literary work about economic, diplomatic and war strategies and duties of a ruler. Similar to the Corpus Hippocraticum of Hippocrates, some scholars believe that the Arthashastra is actually a collection of works from various authors with Chanakya being one of them.

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